Safety is no empty term for us. It is of prime importance at all our sites. All our employees receive special training, enabling us to ensure greater safety on and around the workfloor. Naturally, we hold a VCA certificate.

The consequence of this stringent safety policy is that work-related accidents and occupational diseases are kept to the absolute minimum, which in turn means higher efficiency.

Years before the environment became a trendy buzzword, we were already conscious of the potential impact of our sector.

However, by consistently raising the awareness of our employees we have successfully kept the environmental impact of our activities to an absolute minimum for a number of years now.

In this way, we are making our contribution to preserving the delicate balance between economy and ecology.


VCA (an abbreviation standing for the Dutch for 'Contractors Safety, Health and Environment Checklist’) has gained an established position in Belgium and its neighbours the Netherlands and Germany over the last ten years, as a checklist which is used to ensure safety for contractors.


With the harmonisation of the European market, it is very important for equipment for such environments to be inspected on the basis of uniform standards. Moreover, there is a requirement at European level to identify areas where there is a dust explosion hazard.

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